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AT&T U-verse vs FIOS

Many consumers are wondering whether to change from their current internet, cable and telephone providers to either Verizon or AT&T. AT&T’s U-verse provides high speed connections and uses services that are very similar to Verizon’s FIOS services. Various customers are a bit confused as to what each service is and how they differ:

Verizon FIOS

Verizon FIOS uses a system called fiber-to-the-premises or FTTP. In such a process, the company connects fiber optics directly to the consumer’s home. This process is not only expensive, but it is time consuming, which leaves many areas in the world not able to enjoy this amazing technology. Users can receive up to 300 mbps download speeds on the internet services alone. The availability of this service is spotty. However, it is highly reliable and of high quality where the customers can receive it.

Verizon does offer some attractive bundle deals for the FIOS services, but again, not every area can receive them. Additionally, signing up for a triple play deal, which is $89.99 per month for internet, cable and phone, costs a customer two years of his or her life. People who accept this deal must agree to have a two-year contract with the company.  Check out hi-tech club for more offers like these!

AT&T U-verse

AT&T uses fiber-to-the-node technology, in which it utilizes its current wiring that exists between the customer’s home and the equipment in the field. This process saves the company and the customers money, and it allows AT&T a broader range of coverage and faster growth. AT&T is enjoying a rapid growth of U-verse customers around the nation.

Verizon FIOS vs ATT UverseAs far as pricing, AT&T has the more attractive options. They appear to be more cost friendly for the customer, which is something that many consumers are searching for these days. An individual can receive internet, cable and phone service for the low price of $79.

Choosing the Better Provider

The two services have significant differences in performance. The FIOS service is faster than the U-verse service by far. However, most consumers are satisfied with the 100 mbps download speeds that U-verse can provide. Both companies are accredited, popular and world-renowned. Their level of customer service is about the same. Therefore, the choice of picking U-verse or FIOS mostly depends on the consumer budget and location. In some areas, only one choice is apparent. In other areas, a person might have to choose the less expensive option. Making choices is all about the customer’s needs and if a particular service meets them.

How to use Verizon FIOS promotions


Verizon FIOS promo codesFiber-optics communications is one of the fastest growing fields in the world. With FiOS services, customers must no longer rely on traditional cable and Internet providers, and many users note that they experienced faster speeds and less lag when using Verizon FiOS. The company began offering these services to customers in specific markets in 2005, and by 2010, it increased its services in cities across the country. Though the company often makes you buy or lease equipment before using the service in your home, you can save on your overall costs with coupons and promo codes.

Using Verizon FiOS at Home

Verizon introduced FiOS as a way to compete against traditional Internet and cable providers. Time Warner, Comcast and other companies only offer limited services. While you can enjoy watching television, surfing the web and using a telephone at home, you typically face some restrictions and regulations that limit your Internet speed and download capabilities. With Verizon, you won’t face those same issues.

Verizon even lets you use other Internet-capable devices on your home system. You can download songs and videos to your smartphone through your home system, and you can even use your tablet to surf the Internet. Verizon also lets you bundle your FiOS service with your smartphone or cell phone package to save even more. After checking out the prices of FiOS service in your area, you might find that the cost is higher than you thought. Before you settle for ordinary cable and Internet, look at coupon codes.

Saving with an FiOS Coupon Code

What would you do if you learned that you could save $100 or more when buying FiOS services through Verizon? These Verizon FIOS promo codes from can help you save on the cost of buying equipment, leasing equipment, purchasing a bundle plan and even on your overall costs. Some codes give lower prices to new customers, while other codes help wireless customers save when they add FiOS to their plans. You can order services at home, at work or even in the grocery store, and you only need to follow a few simple steps.

  • Look for codes available in your area.
  • Compare the savings available with each code to determine which one is best.
  • Click the code that interests you.
  • Wait for the code to open the Verizon website in a new window.
  • Pick the services you want and checkout.
  • Enter and apply the code to your Verizon account.

In less than 30 years, Verizon Communications went from just another subsidiary of AT&T to one of the top telecommunications companies. Through the acquisitions of other companies and research into various fields, Verizon expanded its services from simple home phones to wireless communications, Internet, cable and home phone. From 205 to 2010, Verizon expanded into the FiOS field in various markets, which helped it increase sales. Though the company cannot offer FiOS services in all cities because of licensing agreements and restrictions, it hopes to continue its growth in the coming years.

Verizon FIOS Reviews

Cable companies typically get the worst ratings in customer service—and with good reason. For most people, one cable provider has a monopoly on their business so they have fewer incentives to give excellent value and service. As Verizon expands its fiber optic network, however, more residential areas have access to FiOS, Verizon’s Internet and cable package. If you are one of the lucky customers given a choice between competing providers, some information about FiOS may help you decide.

The Technology

FiOS relies on fiber optic cable technology, which was widely deployed beginning in 2006. Fiber optic technology is superior to traditional copper coaxial cable because it is lighter, faster and impervious to electrical interference from electrical equipment, power lines and lightning.

FiOS Cable TV

The cable TV package can be purchased individually or as part of a Triple Play bundle that includes Internet and home phone service.


• FiOS offers up to 540 channels and more than 130 HD channels and was ranked number one by high-definition consumers.
• The guide screen is clear and easy to read and the networks’ logos appear next to the channels so you don’t have to decipher an acronym like DSNHD to know what you are watching. There are also no ads at the bottom of the screen.
• FiOS has a huge on-demand library and comes with a feature that allows you to download some rentals to your laptop or tablet.
• NFL RedZone is included free.


• FiOS isn’t widely available yet.

FiOS High-Speed Internet

The Internet speed in the lowest priced Triple Play package is 15/5, but offers two upgrades: A 25/25 option and a 50/20 option.


• FiOS is flexible and powerful enough to handle multiple downloads simultaneously without interruption. Streaming video is seamless.
• Significantly less down time. Fiber optic cable can support many more users so you rarely lose signal or have dropped connections with FiOS. No more waiting for pages to load.


• Installation can take longer than traditional cable since Verizon will most likely have to lay cable; most residential areas already have traditional cable access.

FiOS Telephone

Voice telephone service is available as part of the Triple Play package or combined with Internet services. It offers standard features like call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID and unlimited calling.


• FiOS has an eight-hour battery in the event of a power outage as compared to the three-hour battery provided by most cable providers.

• Calls to Canada are free.


• FiOS voice requires the FiOS Internet and can’t be purchased separately.

Overall, FiOS seems to be a superior choice to other cable providers. Because installation and maintenance of fiber optic cables is less expensive than copper coaxial cable, FiOS is typically less expansive than other cable companies. In addition, FiOS has consistently ranked first in customer service on several independent surveys, including Consumer Report. FiOS is definitely worth looking at if it is an option in your neighborhood.

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Verizon FIOS vs Comcast – A Comparison Review

Comcast has long been a giant in the cable-tv-internet-phone provider industry, due to their age and the size of their market share, but a new contender has stepped onto the field: Verizon FIOS. Both have their various pros and cons, but which is truly the better option? I’m going to compare them based on their major services and a few other factors below:



Comcast offers its well-known Triple Play program at a starting rate of $99 per month for the first year of the contract, but the price rises to $129 per month after that. To combat this steep rise in price, Comcast offers other incentives to its first time customers, like free premium channels for a limited time, prepaid gift cards, and others. However, to receive any of these bundles or incentives, the customer is required to sign a two-year contract. Pricing is determined by area, so do your homework before signing up, and keep an eye out for discounts.

Arguably the most important feature of anything either company offers, Comcast provides multiple internet packages. The Triple Play bundle uses their “Performance” speed, which is up to 15Mbs. Not quite good enough for online gaming, but adequate for the standard internet user. Without bundling, Comcast’s internet starts at $29.95 per month and then goes up.

The Triple Play package includes unlimited calling within the United States and Canada, and also includes standard features such as caller id and three-way calling. The downside is that this service requires broadband, so the advertised price of $19.95 is in addition to whatever you have to pay for internet to get this service.

The Triple Play package includes more than 80 channels with all the staples included. More channels can be purchased for an additional monthly fee, and if you want to forgo the bundle, the service starts at $29.95 per month and then increases after the six-month mark.

Customer Service:
Internet and cable companies have entire vast departments dedicated to customer service, but Comcast has a bad reputation for having some of the worst customer service around. The waits are long, their techs often miss appointments, and to Google “Comcast customer service” is to descend into a part of the internet you might not return from. However, this general reputation seems to vary by location, as some have better service than others.

Verizon FIOS

Verizon is the king of bundles, whether that is through their cell phone services or through their FiOS bundle. Strangely known as the Triple Play Package promotion, as well, Verizon’s bundles start at $79.99 per month. Unlike Comcast, Verizon requires only one year of service; a second year is not required, so the customer is able to drop their service before the increase in price.

Like Comcast, Verizon’s Triple Play package includes a mere 15Mbs for internet, which means those looking for online gaming will have trouble with this package, but it works fine for the average user. Outside of the contract, this services starts at $49.95 per month.

Unlimited calling in the US and Canada, pretty standard stuff. However, to get this service with internet and nothing else costs just $69.99 per month.

The FiOS services includes more than 195 channels in their basic package, in addition to On Demand and music-only channels. Outside of a bundle, this service costs $64.95.

Customer Service:
Verizon has been known to have spotty, but relatively good customer service over the years, and FiOS is no different. If FiOS is available in your area, go for it.

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